How to teach a puppy to walk on a leash

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Having a puppy around you can be a joyous scenario especially if you teach it to walk on the leash. Teaching a puppy to walk on the leash is not an easy task as requires one to have high levels of patience. In my entire experience with dog training, I have never entangled with fast responses that emanate from dog training. On the flipside, there are no hard tactics and every dog is eligible to acquire proper training. To become a successful dog trainer, one needs to showcase a lot of calmness and patience to enable the dog to relieve it fears.  A relaxed puppy learns better than a dog that is anxious.

Here are a few tips that will oversee smooth training of the puppy;
Ensure to select the appropriate leash and collar
It is evident that the first step would be to select the most appropriate leash and collar that is convenient. During the initial stages, it is advisable to use a flat collar that has a light leash to enable the dog to jump as it walks. Later, you can advance to use complex collars after the puppy is used to walking on the leash.

Take one step at a time
When training your dog ensure to adhere to the concept of embracing the baby steps to enable your puppy to get comfortable. Let it get converted with the collar and don’t rush it as it may send chills of fear to the dog. Try to populate its mind when putting the collar on its neck to discard fear from its mind.

Let the puppy associates the leash with playtime
Always ensure to let the puppy play after putting the leash on it. Let it feel free and never hold it when it wants to play. Sometimes, the mental nurture of the puppy has a way of adapting to situations that happen within its vicinity.  However, ensure that you keep supervising the puppy to ensure it does not tangle itself. Also, you can play with the dog and ensure to pull the leash as you call it. After some time, it will associate the leash holding to moments of having fun.

Remember to motivate your puppy
During the initial stages, avoid compelling the dog to walk on the leash.  However, if it does it on its own, let it progress as you maintain your calmness and gentleness. It can be done by kneeling down next to it as it will feel comfortable.  Let it have time to figure out the use of the leash as well as gain confidence in your dealings.  Conversely, some dogs are wise, and they start walking on their while on the leash.

So this is a common question; How to teach a puppy to walk on a leash

Well, if you have a puppy at home and you are wondering how it can start walking on the leash, follow the above tips and all will be well.

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